Startled By His Furry Shorts is only the latest book (number seven) in a fabulously hilarious series, Confessions of George Nicholson, by Louise Rennison. In book number six, we left Georgia after she asked Italian hottie Masimo to actually be her boyfriend instead of going out with her and other girls (like useless, nerdy, stupid Wet Lindsay, a member of the school Hitler Youth), and he said he needed time to think it over. Dave the Laugh also (maybe) loves her. And then there’s Robbie, aka the Sex God, living in Kiwi-a-gogo land who she still hears from sometimes.

In book number seven, Georgia’s life is a mess. She’s got to distract herself from her disastrous love life! She’s got a few distractions, too. One distraction is the play rehearsals for Macbeth (aka MacUseless), in which they do improvised fire juggling. Another is her (very, very insane) family: younger sister Libby who puts makeup on a statue of Jesus and renames him Sandra, two insane cats named Angus and Gordy, a father who wears leather pants, a mother who thinks she is a teenager, a bald uncle who likes Abba’s Dancing Queen, a grandfather with a girlfriend who knits balaclavas without eye holes….Clearly, Georgia’s entire family is insane. As are her friends. Rosie and Sven are planning a Viking wedding for Rosie’s twenty-first birthday in five and a half years’ time. Jas and Tom are still hunting for interesting lizards.

Basically, Georgia’s life is insane. Startled By His Furry Shorts, the account of Georgia’s latest adventures, is hilarious, a definite must-read, as expected by fans of the first six Confessions Of Georgia Nicholson. This book is absolutely MARVELOUS. Or marvy, as Georgia and her friends would say. This book will have you laughing hysterically. As in, laughing until your sides hurt and your milk comes out of your nose (which is actually sort of painful as well). It will have readers rolling on the floor laughing, and craving more!

Rating: 10/10