Grace is an eighteen-year-old girl who wants to, like any other teenager, break free of her home, the life she’s always known, and her parents. Grace wants independence from her strict, fundamentalist Christian father and the house that looks like every other house on the street, in the neighborhood that is a prison to her.

When she meets older, charismatic college professor Michael, she thinks he is her escape. He’s not that much older than her, and he is oh so much more worldly and mature than the boys her age. Grace falls head over heels in love.

She had anticipated a life full of excitement, sophistication and happiness with him, but being involved with Michael brings unexpected complications to Grace’s life. She doesn’t want to stay with her father, but she’s having doubts about her relationship with Michael, too…What is the right choice, and will Grace have the guts to make it?

HOW IT’S DONE is a wonderful book that should be required reading for everyone, especially teenage girls! Readers will feel drawn along with Grace as she is pulled into her love for Michael, as it changes her life. They will feel her elation as her life seems to be improving, and her helplessness and despair as the reality behind all that she thinks is true comes to light, and she is forced to deal with all of it at once.

Christine Kole Maclean, with her excellent writing, has created magnificent, believable characters who are all a part of the fantastic story she tells in HOW IT’S DONE. This is a brilliant, flawless novel in every way. It’s a must-read!