Kitty is a New York City surfer chick (how many of those are there? As Kitty says, Manhattan is the one island with no surfing around!) who goes to spend the summer with her father in California. To her, it sounds like a summer in paradise–she loves her father, and she loves surfing! She says goodbye to her NYC family and friends, packs up Trixie, her surfboard, and heads to the West Coast, eager to start her summer surfing adventure.

Not all goes as planned. First of all, everyone she sees on the California waves is good. Kitty’s from Manhattan; she doesn’t measure up to the Cali surfer-gods and -goddesses! Before long, though, she meets Zeke, who helps her to get out there in the water and do what she loves. She already loves surfing, but could she be falling for Zeke, too?

This is a fabulous romantic surfing adventure! To enjoy this book, you don’t have to be a surfer, though–just because Kitty’s all about the waves doesn’t mean everyone else can’t enjoy this awesome story. The story idea is fun, certainly, but what really made me love it was Kitty’s distinctive voice. Pepper McNeil has really captured the character of Kitty on paper, and the results are amazing! All of the characters are pretty great, though. There were very few moments where the awesomeness of the story did not shine through; the vast majority of this book was brilliant! Pepper McNeil is a talented writer, and I’d love to read more from her–I’d be thrilled to see a sequel to KITTY GOES CALIFORNIAN!

Rating: 9/10

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