Review: Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky

ANATOMY OF A BOYFRIEND is a sometimes funny, sometimes painful, and always honest look at seventeen-year-old model student Dominique’s first relationship. When she meets track-star Wes, her life changes. Suddenly, she’s falling head-over-heels in love, and it’s scary. Scary and wonderful and everything else in Dominique’s range of emotions.

Rather than being the magical, unrealistic love story so often told, Dom and Wes’s relationship is real. Amazing, yes, but not without its awkward moments–and Daria Snadowsky tells the whole story, awkward moments and all.

ANATOMY OF A BOYFRIEND is an honest, straightforward look at sex and relationships, and the story is certainly populated by good characters, but sometimes it’s less than compelling. Perhaps this is because that’s all it’s about. It’s a story of first love, not a story in which a character first falls in love. Maybe a little more is needed to make an entirely captivating novel, but this one is still well worth reading.

Rating: 8.5/10