I WAS A TEENAGE POPSICLE is a fun page-turner with a great sci-fi twist! Floe Ryan died of an incurable disease when she was sixteen, and her parents make, ah, interesting arrangements for her: she is frozen. Or, more accurately, vitrified. Whatever you call it, when Floe wakes up ten years later when a cure for her disease has been discovered, the world is more than a little confusing! While waiting for her parents to be thawed, she has to live with her younger sister, Sunny–who is now older than Floe, is married, and has a baby. Plus, Floe is way behind on new trends and technology. She’s not entirely alone, though–she’s got Taz, a hot skater from her old school who was vitrified around the same time as Floe, and thawed at the same time as well.

Some people with way too little faith in cryonics, though, mess things up way more than Floe thought was possible. They’re trying to sue the Venice Beach Cryonics Center and force it to close–and Floe’s parents haven’t even been thawed yet! If she doesn’t want to be stuck living with Sunny and without her parents forever, Floe and a few trusted friends have to come up with a way to save the Center, and fast.

I WAS A TEENAGE POPSICLE is an awesomely ‘cool’ futuristic and fun read that’s full of lifelike, interesting characters about whom I can’t wait to read more in the upcoming sequel, BEYOND COOL. Bev Katz Rosenbaum has an obvious talent for great ideas and a wonderful way with words! Floe Ryan is one of my favorite fictional characters in a long time, and I know I can’t be the only one who feels that way. Her relationship with Taz, however, didn’t always feel entirely real to me. Despite that, this book is a definite page-turner; I couldn’t put it down!