SK8ER BOY was not a book that I really expected to stay with me. I, like everyone else, am guilty of sometimes judging a book by its cover (or at least the title and back cover summary), and this book didn’t seem all that special to me, but, as I enjoyed Mari Mancusi’s Boys That Bite, I picked it up, and boy, was I ever surprised!

Yeah, it was kind of typical in some ways. It was the not entirely original story of a rich, Harvard-bound teen rebelling against high parental expectations. Dawn Miller’s parents schedule every minute of her life; when she’s not at school, she’s at some extra-curricular activity aimed at getting her into Harvard. Her only friends are shallow and mean–but they’re rich, making them the right friends for her in her parents’ eyes.

Dawn (this name never felt right for the character to me, for some reason) is tired of it all. So when she meets Starr and is invited to skip some of her many extra-curriculars and watch some skaters downtown, Dawn surprises herself by accepting the invitation–and boy, is she glad she did. She meets Sean, a sweet, hot, but poor skater from the wrong side of town, and she falls for him, big time. Only problem? She doesn’t think she can really bring him home to her parents.

What made this book different was Mancusi’s skill with words and her talent at creating wonderful characters. The characters made all the difference; they felt real enough to step right off the page (pardon the cliche!). Whatever it was, this book had a spark that made it really stand out, and I continued thinking about it for some time even after I was done with the last page!

Rating: 9/10