AMBER IN THE OVER WORLD is a quick fantasy read that is probably more suitable for tweens or young teens than many of the books reviewed here, but it’s a fun read all the same. Amber is a dragon princess who, when her world is threatened, is accidentally transported to the Over World, or Earth, where the custodians upon whose imaginations the very existence of Amber’s world and others like it reside.

When she tries to warn her father that the wizards are sending an assassin whose plan is not to try and convince the custodian to keep his or her creativity strong enough to sustain their world, but to kill the custodian so that another will be called, Amber herself is pulled into the Over World, where she is turned into a human girl and, when she pretends to have lost her memory (because who would believe that she’s really a dragon princess from another world?), she is taken in by a doctor, Elise, and her young daughter, Valerie.

Now, Amber must find the custodian, save her world, and return home–before Chine gets there first.

AMBER IN THE OVER WORLD is no new favorite of mine, but I’m not sorry I read it, either. The writing style did not impress me at all, nor did the characters. The fast-paced fantasy action, however, soon had me absorbed in the story, anxious to find out what would happen next! If you’re a fan of this sort of book, it’s worth reading.

Rating: 6.5/10