Six years ago, Mickey’s older brother took off, after the horrible accident that turned the whole town against Danny. Now, after her father’s death, Danny is back, and looking to reconnect with his sister. Or at least he’s been told to take care of her. And he is making an effort, just not exactly succeeding.

Mickey’s having trouble forgiving his abandonment of her, understandably. She’s also having trouble reconciling the brother who used to read from THE OUTSIDERS to her with the brother who is hated by almost everyone in town after a night six years ago when everything changed. Mickey was there that night, but she can’t quite remember what happened. She can’t move on.

FEELS LIKE HOME is a powerful story about home, family, and dealing with the past. It is a well-written novel with strengths in its lifelike characters and good setting, one that is certainly worth reading.

Four Stars