Okay, I kind of missed my one-year blog birthday. It was July 24. But isn’t that exciting?

In other exciting news, my local independent bookstore, Malaprops,  is beyond awesome. They have some great author events lined up for the next couple of months! In just over a week, it’s the wonderful Kerry Madden, author of GENTLE’S HOLLER, and then in September it’s Charles de Lint! I had a total fangirl moment when I read that on the website. I actually squealed. THE BLUE GIRL is one of my favorite books ever, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of his most recent YA novel, LITTLE (GRRL) LOST. And I will actually (I hope) meet him! And this is the fantabulous bookstore where I met John Green, who is fantastic. And then, in November, they’ll have Alan Gratz. He wrote a couple of books I haven’t actually gotten a chance to read yet but they sound great from his website.

Anyway, that’s my exciting news! I hope you all have fabulous indie bookstores near you, too. If you do, check out their schedules! You never know what you might find!