UNDER THE ROSE is the sequel to the fabulous SECRET SOCIETY GIRL, and it’s just as good as the first book! Amy Haskel (society name “Bugaboo”) is a member of the prestigious secret society Rose & Grave at the prestigious Eli University. Her club is the first to include women, and that’s meant some difficulties for them in the past–and many of the the chauvinistic patriarchs of the society aren’t about to change their minds about it now. However, Rose & Grave is now also dealing with another scandal: society secrets have been leaked. Who’s the leak? And why? Who can be trusted? Who is a traitor?

This book is just as fascinating and fun as the first in the series. The believable, interesting characters are back. Diana Peterfreund’s writing does not disappoint–this book can just as easily take you away for an afternoon without the realization that time has passed as SECRET SOCIETY GIRL!

If you loved SSG, you’ll love UNDER THE ROSE. And if you haven’t read Diana Peterfreund’s first novel, what are you waiting for?!

Five Stars