Sorry for the lack of content lately! My recreational reading time has been taken over with required reading (and the work that goes along with it): Guns, Germs, And Steel by Jared Diamond. I would much rather be reading YA fiction (or any fiction, for that matter), but first I’ve got to finish this (by Thursday). Anyway, to fill in the time before I can post some more reviews, here are some cool links:

Joelle Anthony’s 25 most overused things in MG & YA Fiction, via Finding Wonderland.

Miss Erin rounds up her favorite Harry Potter links.

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All these cool-sounding teen librarians & libraries are friending me on myspace! I want to know why my library is so un-cool. We have one small bookcase of YA books, and a couple of spinning things with paperbacks (but those are all old series like Sweet Valley High and such). And no teen librarian, just the normal librarian who is in charge of the whole library. I want to live somewhere with a cool library! Actually I want to move to Sweden, but I just wish that where I live now had such an awesome library.

So, ECLIPSE, Stephenie Meyer’s latest, is one of those books that I think is so popular it’s not really worth reviewing, is it? Chances are, nothing I write here will convince people to read it if they weren’t planning on doing so already. I mean, I read that the first printing is a million copies! Compared to everything but Harry Potter, that’s huge! But this book so totally deserves it. I loved TWILIGHT and NEW MOON, and this one’s even better. I can’t say more or I’ll be getting in to spoiler territory, but this is definitely one of my all-time favorite books! Check out the awesome website here.