Some of you may have seen me mention this or seen it on my top friends on myspace, but I am posting an official announcement now!

I am going to have an essay in the upcoming book Red: The Next Generation of American Writers–Teenage Girls–On What Fires Up Their Lives Today !!!!!!!!! Buy it, everyone! It’s going to be good. Here’s the description from the Amazon page:

A strikingly honest, vivid collection of personal essays by teenage girls, offering a glimpse into the lives of today’s MySpace generation

If you’re a teenage girl today, you live your life in words-tapped out into text and instant messages, onto blogs and MySpace pages (a quarter of the site’s sixty million American users are teen girls). It’s how you conduct your friendships and present yourself to the world. Every day, you’re creating a formidable body of personal written work.

This generation’s unprecedented comfort level with the written word has led to a fearless new American literature. These collected essays, at last, offer the key to understanding the inscrutable teenage girl-one of the most mislabeled and underestimated members of society, argues Amy Goldwasser, longtime editor at magazines including Seventeen, New York, and Vogue. And, while psychologists and other experts have tried to explain the teen girl in recent years, no book since the 1999 bestseller Ophelia Speaks has given her the opportunity to speak for herself-until now.

In this eye-opening collection, more than fifty teenage girls from across the country speak out, writing about everything from post-Katrina New Orleans to Johnny Depp; from the loneliness of losing a best friend to the loathing or pride they feel about their bodies. Revealing the complicated inner lives, hopes, struggles, thrills, and obsessions of this generation, RED ultimately provides today’s teen girl with much-needed community, perspective, and validation-and helps the rest of us to better understand her.

Okay, I don’t much like that description, either, but it’s going to be better than that! I’ll post more as we get closer to the release date (November 8). In unrelated news, 1500 views on the wordpress site since I moved it from blogger!