STARCROSSED is a really lovely book. It starts out with Christy Marlowe and Ben Penrose meet at a plastic surgeon’s office. They’re both their getting tattoos removed-of each other’s names. If that’s not fate, what is?

And to Christy, fate really is important. She’s got a huge obsession with astrology. Despite their mutual attraction, she refuses to go out with Ben until he gets his chart done by her astrologist, Svetlana, and Svetlana assesses their compatibility.

Ben, on the other hand, likes astronomy. He thinks astrology is ridiculous, but, for Christy, he’ll get Svetlana’s opinion of him and his possibilities of a relationship with Christy.

STARCROSSED is about fate, love, truth, and struggling with a painful past. It’s a wonderful novel, with real, flawed, three-dimensional characters. Ben and Christy aren’t perfect, but they are completely real. I didn’t notice exceptionally lifelike secondary characters, but this is a love story–of course other characters fade into the background sometimes. This is an amazing, well-written, absorbing novel about real people, their lives, and their relationships–and the stars.

Four 1/2 Stars