So I told you about Red already, but now I have some more excitement to share: blurbs. I think I may have actually squealed when I read these! Check it out:

“This book is amazing. Honest, hysterical, heartbreaking, uplifting-these essays come straight from the true teenage soul. Read this book!”
— Paul Feig, creator of the TV series FREAKS AND GEEKS

“It’s high time people stopped writing, talking, and worrying about teenage girls and just let those girls speak for themselves. This book, with its wonderfully free, captivating style, gives voice to many talented young essayists, who-either because of their suffering, their great wit, their sensitivity, their triumph, or some combination of all those things-richly deserve to be heard. My suspicion (my hope!) is to hear from them again and again, far into the future.”
— Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the New York Times bestseller EAT, PRAY, LOVE

“Each of these stories is a treasure, and readers will be grateful that these young women are willing to share them. I couldn’t say which is my favorite. It’s like comparing children: One stuns you with her wit and then another breaks your heart with her sensitivity.”
— Jeannette Walls, author of the New York Times bestseller THE GLASS CASTLE

Edited to add one more, from the absolutely brilliant Francine Prose (her book, AFTER, is one of my all-time favorites so this is especially exciting!):

“The honesty and beauty of the hilarious, heartbreaking, and often harrowing stories collected in RED are enough to give you hope for the young women who wrote these marvelous pieces, and for literature, and for us all.”
– Francine Prose, bestselling essayist, novelist, and author of READING LIKE A WRITER