I absolutely raced through this book–I couldn’t put it down! I hadn’t planned on reading the whole thing in one sitting, but that’s exactly what I did. The characters, the writing, the uniqueness of the story–I adored it!

Backing up, I should probably tell you what it’s about, though I could gush for much longer.

When The Wild, the fairy tale world Julie’s mother, Rapunzel, and the other fairy tale creatures escaped from centuries ago, gets free, Julie loses her mother, her grandmother, and other people she cares about to its never-ending, cruel stories. Julie’s not going to give up, though; she’s determined to save her mother from The Wild once again, to rescue her from endless days trapped in a tower, to rescue her grandmother from being a wicked witch, to rescue the people she cares about. She’s going in, and she’s not going to let the Wild find a story for her, if she can help it. Because once she’s in the ending of a story, she’ll forget who she is, and why she’s there.

INTO THE WILD is one of the most original fantasy books I’ve read in ages. These fairy tales aren’t what you think they are. Rather than changing a fairy tale like is often done in books, Sarah Beth Durst takes every fairy tale you’ve ever heard and makes it real, and dangerous. And she does so brilliantly! I can’t even find the words I’m really looking for to describe how amazing this book is. Run, don’t walk to your nearest bookstore or library and get a copy today!

Five Stars