First off, I’ve got to say this was a really sad book and made me quite depressed after reading it. But that’s a great compliment; it wasn’t supposed to be a happy book, and that it affected me so deeply speaks to its brilliance.

BJ is a teenaged girl with low self-esteem who finds herself a target for bullies at school. Alex is her best friend, much higher up than her, socially, and seemingly so together, so confident. When a new boy, David, enters their lives, he throws things off, and sets off a chain of events in which queen bees Victoria and Rachel manipulate BJ, humiliate Alex, and unwittingly create disastrous consequences.

This powerful, profoundly gut-wrenching and thought provoking novel is a must-read. Alma Fullerton is a brilliant writer, and her amazing characters really come to life on the page.  A frighteningly honest story about friendship, survival, and secrets, this is a story that will stay with readers.

Five Stars