Guess what? It’s time for the Cybils again!  This is the second annual Cybils awards. Here’s a description of the awards, from the website, in case you missed them last year:

The internet’s first literary awards are back.

Like all revolutions, this one started small, with a single post on a blog devoted to children’s literature. The Newbery Awards seemed too elitist and the Quills, well, not enough so. Was there a middle ground, an annual award that would recognize both a book’s merits and popularity?

The Cybils found that middle ground. The public nominates their favorite children’s books from 2007 in seven categories: Picture Books; Non-fiction Picture Books; Middle Grade fiction; Poetry; Young Adult fiction; Non-fiction (YA/MG); and Graphic Novels. Nominations open on October 1.

When we say “the public,” we mean it. Anyone with an e-mail address may nominate one book per category. Then groups of bloggers get to work. First, a nominating committee reads ALL the titles in a given category. After nearly two arduous months, this committee winnows the nominees to five finalists. A second committee of bloggers considers the shortlist and, after much debate, chooses the best of the best for 2007.

Because The Cybils is a blogger-run, blogger-inspired awards process, we operate with the expectation of openness and transparency. If you have any question about the process—any question at all—please feel free to e-mail Anne or Kelly at any time.

This year, I’m very excited to be a panelist! I didn’t get to help out last year, but this year I’m on the nominating panel for MG Fiction, with fabulous people like Miss Erin.

Make sure you don’t forget to nominate some of your favorite titles when the nominations start in a week! Meanwhile, check out the Cybils blog and forum.