Apparently this has been waiting in my drafts folder when I thought I pushed “publish.” That’s so annoying! Sorry for the total lack of updates lately. Anyway, I have now read the entire Red book (the book my essay is a part of), and I am so honored to be a part of such a great project.

As many of you probably already know, Red is a book of essays by teenage girls about all aspects of their lives, edited by the wonderful Amy Goldwasser. It’s a collection of stories by over fifty girls from across the country, connected by our writing.

I can’t pretend not to be biased because, well, I’m a part of it. But I am truly honored to have my writing in with these wonderful essays! Covering all topics from family relationships to guys to body image to, well, pretty much everything concerning teen girls (and other people) today, this collection of essays does not have one that is less than amazing (I can’t judge my own so everything I say here does not appy to it one way or the other). I could completely relate to so many of the essays, and I am constantly amazed at what brilliant writers people my own age (and younger) are. I mean, I doubt I was nearly as good a writer at thirteen as some of these girls!

This book shows what it’s really like to be a teenage girl in America today, more than any work of fiction by an adult (not to say those can’t be great), because it’s written by teen girls themselves. And they all certainly rise to the challenge! People who doubt us wouldn’t after reading this. In RED, teen girls prove themselves to be intelligent, talented writers, serious thinkers, and incredibly brave, to share these personal stories with the entire world, with anyone who wants to walk into a bookstore (mine is just kind of embarassing, as it’s about a guy; some of these are seriously personal and I am so impressed with the courage of the people sharing them). It is out in store next month–go ahead and preorder your copy on Amazon for a better deal, though!