I don’t know how many of you have read SHEER BLISS by Frances O’Brien, but it’s a wonderful book, and now there’s a sequel! Well, sort of. It’s not all done yet, and Frances O’Brien is presenting it in a very unsual format. It’s serialized on her blog. I don’t know how I feel about that, really, but I am excited to get to read A VERY BRITISH SORT OF BLISS. You can check it out at her myspace page, and get a copy of SHEER BLISS on the Amazon page. I’ve pasted my review of SHEER BLISS, written for TRT, below, to refresh your memories:

SHEER BLISS is a ton of fun to read. I’ve noticed a trend in tween/teen books lately; a lot seem to be about life in the spotlight. Sometimes, they’re about teen celebrities. Other times, the main characters are, like Bliss Drew, famous because of who they’re related to. Another book I enjoyed about the daughter of a famous celebrity was My Life Starring Mum by Chloe Rayban; that one was quite enjoyable, and, coincidentally, the daughter’s name was Hollywood Bliss Winterman! Apparently, fictional celebrities love the name Bliss!

These inside-looks at Hollywood are always a lot of fun, and this one even more so than most. Besides her movie star mother Angel Drew, Bliss has another family member who loves to be in the spotlight: her grandmother, Ellen. When she becomes engaged to a much, much younger man named Enrique, Bliss’s grandmother, who has had pretty much every known cosmetic procedure to make her look younger, actually schedules a photo shoot at Bliss’s house to advertise her engagement!

In her family, Bliss is a little unusual. Far from craving the spotlight, Bliss goes out of her way to avoid it. She likes her privacy, which is unfortunate, as Angel Drew is her mother.

This love of privacy, among other things, can get Bliss into a little trouble. Her mother believes that what she needs to straighten her out is Moyra, a pricey “parent/teen consultant” who seems determined to ruin Bliss’s life. Bliss is sure she can get rid of what she feels is just one more in a long line of nannies–but Moyra is a lot more determined (and a lot more evil) than the rest!

On top of having a lot to deal with as the daughter of a celebrity, Bliss also has to handle the problems of a normal twelve-year-old girl. She doesn’t get along with the popular girls at school. Her best friend, Coco, has become super boy-crazy since she turned thirteen. And Bliss’s other best friend, J.K., is recovering from leukemia.

SHEER BLISS is a quick read, and a funny one. It’s real, entertaining, and told in Bliss’s fresh, realistic voice. It’s sure to be a hit with readers! I can’t wait to read the upcoming sequel, A VERY BRITISH SORT OF BLISS! 

Five Stars