After Suzy’s seemingly perfect older sister, Rosie, dies in an accident, her family moves far across Australia to a different town, where they can start over. Suzy decides that this is her chance to be more what her parents want–more like Rosie. She ditches her old wardrobe, works hard at school, doesn’t get into any trouble, and surprisingly falls in with the popular crowd at her new school–a crowd very much unlike anyone she would have hung out with at her old school. These girls get good grades, do what their parents say, and are all even members of the virginity club. They want Suzy to join, too.

Only problem, is, she doesn’t exactly qualify. It was only once, but, well, that’s enough to lose you the virgin label. However, nobody at her new school knows that, so Suzy goes ahead and joins the virginity club, pledging to stay a virgin. However, it throws a wrench in her plans when her ex, Ryan, who knows firsthand that Suzy doesn’t qualify, shows up in her new town.

THE SECOND VIRGINITY OF SUZY GREEN is a funny, engaging, and touching story that readers will surely love. Sara Hantz is great at creating realistic, memorable characters, Suzy of course being the best of them. This novel is a first-person narrative told in Suzy’s great voice, very well done. This is Sara Hantz’s debut novel, and I look forward to reading her future work!

Four 1/2 Stars