*This is one of the Cybils 2007 MG Nominees*

Zoe has big dreams. She wants to learn to play the piano, to play concerts at Carnegie Hall. Her father, however, is easily overwhelmed by a salesman and comes home with a Perfectone D-60 organ instead of the piano Zoe dreams of.

Zoe may still get to perform, though–her music teacher recommends her for the  Perfectone Perform-O-Rama. Despite being disappointed with her wheezy organ, Zoe tries her hardest to perfect her performance for the Perform-O-Rama, with help and support from her music teacher, her father (who gets nervous even leaving the house), her mother (who’s out of the house working enough for the both of them), and a new and unexpected friend, Wheeler.

A CROOKED KIND OF PERFECT is a fantastic novel. With its cast of quirky characters, it’s a funny, heartwarming debut. Every aspect of this novel just blew me away with its awesomeness! Linda Urban is an amazing writer, and if she’s able to create something this wonderful for her first novel, I can’t wait to see how brilliant her second will be. This perfection isn’t crooked at all; it’s exactly what most of us are looking for when we pick up a book–wonderful, engaging, kid-friendly. Perhaps this one will make a good holiday gift!