*Class Favorite is a 2007 Cybils Middle Grade Fiction nominee*

CLASS FAVORITE is a cute, fun story about a middle school girl who suffers all sorts of humiliations over a short time. Sara Thurman quickly goes from being invisible to wishing she was when her mother sends her flowers at school to congratulate her on getting her period. Suffering in private would have been bad enough, but who spilled the beans to the entire school? Well, her best friend, Arlene, was the only person she told… (Side note: I know they’re in Texas, in what seems to be a small town, but, honestly, how many middle school girls are named Arelene??).

From there, it seems to be one humiliation after another. Unfortunately, she doesn’t even have her best friend to help her through it all, as they’re fighting. She’s made a new friend, Kirstie, but, well, Kirstie may not be all that she seems. Sara also really wants to win the title of Class Favorite in the yearbook, beating out nice, popular Rosemary who won it the year before. Also, she has a huge crush on Jason, a popular boy at school. Being humiliated in front of the entire school doesn’t exactly help with being Class Favorite or getting Jason to notice her in a way that doesn’t involve her total humiliation.

This is a story about a girl who wants to be popular, and things don’t go her way. That’s nothing new, really, and the “twist” at the end was kind of predictable. However, it’s still enjoyable, and Sara is a relatable character. It’s a fun read, and one that the target audience (middle school girls) will probably enjoy more than I did. It’s not one of those middle grade titles that can cross over to be loved by all age groups, but it’s not bad. Taylor Morris’s writing is good and funny, and CLASS FAVORITE at least helped me pass a couple of otherwise boring hours laughing.