I’m going to celebrate the new year with you all, my blog readers, the same way I did Christmas: By being too tired from celebrating to give you any original content, but I can point the way to some awesome links from around the blogosphere.

Kate Messner talks about the Cybils. We were on the MG fiction nominating panel together. Her Recipe for a Cybils Finalist List sums it up quite nicely. And wait a few more hours, and the shortlists themselves (for some categories, including ours) will be made public! I’ll be posting them here when they are. I loved the experience of being on the panel and hope to participate again next year!

Melissa Marr has posted something about book popularity, basically. Bad summary, but great post.

Check out this roundup of book lists at Semicolon. I’d also like to direct you to Miss Erin’s favorite books of 2007. I definitely look to her blog for recommendations, and you should, too!