Book number one of 2008, and book number one of the 2k8 challenge, also for the 888 challenge.

I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME is a love story. Ava and Jackson are teenagers whose romance is at its best when Jackson accepts a dare. He’s a daring sort of guy, but this dare is his last; he jumps off a high rock into some water and hits his head on a rock and dies. Ava is, understandably, devastated now that Jackson is gone.

Or is he? She can’t see him, except for glimpses in the mirror, can’t touch him except in her dreams, but the sudden rushes of cold air, the electronics being turned on as if by a ghost…Could it be Jackson, her love come back to her? Most people would think she’s nuts, but Ava knows the truth. Jackson’s back. She just isn’t sure why or how or even if that’s truly the way she wants it.

This is a lovely verse novel–haunting, a beautiful story, beautifully written. I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME is a powerful story of life, love, loss, grief, and moving on (but not forgetting)–of finding hope after a tragedy. There is a ghost, but this isn’t really a paranormal story. Not a ghost story, really, just a love story, and no matter if their passion was powerful enough to keep Jackson around even after death, they are still fifteen, and this is a real, honest story of what teenage love is usually like.

I read this book in Books-a-Million (I have resolution not to spend so much money on books, and the way to remedy this is to go sit for an hour or two at the bookstore and read), but it’s one I’d go back to time and time again, one I’d like on my shelf. So go! Read it! It comes highly recommended.