You may remember Harley Columba from the wonderful Harley, Like A Person. This story takes place two years after the first book, over the course of one day. While it’s quite good, it does not live up to the brilliance of the first one.

In this story, quite a few things are going on. It’s an eventful day! Harley is now living with her newfound father in New York City, and has her first art show opening. She has issues with her family back home in New Jersey. She also finds her grandmother. She might be pregnant. She fights with her boyfriend. Does anyone really have a life where all of this happens in one day?!?

Regardless of that, the writing does not shine the way it did in book one, and the characters don’t feel quite as authentic either. Without that standard to compare it to, though, I’d probably enjoy it more, but having read the first novel, Harley’s Ninth falls rather flat. The characters were amazing in the first book, but are simply okay here. Unless you’ve read the first book and just want to see what happens to the characters (and in that case, get it from the library), I’d recommend not wasting your time on this one. Maybe just go buy the first book and pretend the second doesn’t exist, because Harley, Like A Person is fantastic.