In this second book in Mitali Perkins’ First Daughter series, Sameera “Sparrow” Righton, the smart, articulate adopted Pakistani daughter of a Republican presidential candidate whose blog helped her father win, is back. This time, though, instead of trying to help out with her father’s campaign, Sparrow is moving into the White House!

In White House Rules, Sameera is continuing to adjust to life in the spotlight. Even more than that, really; with the constant presence of the Secret Service, privacy is hard to come by when you’re living in the White House. Aside from the fact that she’s the President’s daughter and dealing with all that comes along with that territory, Sameera also has normal teenage girl stuff to deal with–like guys. She and Bobby were getting really close before, but now he’s mysteriously stopped calling.

White House Rules is a worthy sequel to the fun-yet-serious first book in the series, Extreme American Makeover. I felt like the characterizations also got better in this second novel, though Sameera is still a little too perfect to be real a lot of the time. Again, though, Mitali Perkins manages to deal with real, thought-provoking issues (like religious prejudices) in a really fun, quick read. Perkins is a good writer; the pacing and flow of her story are quite good. And it takes a talented author to have a book about romance, friendship, religion, politics, family, bigotry, and more, without any of it seeming odd or forced or out of place. I wasn’t quite blown away by White House Rules, but it was an engaging read, if not exactly unforgettable. I’ll look forward to book number three in this series, and, in the meantime, maybe look up some of Mitali Perkins’ backlist.