More links from around the internet, including some great contests.

Here’s a contest about a book I haven’t read yet, Poseur. You could win a copy of the book, or a trip to  New Jersey to work on some cool magazines!

For the artistically inclined, here you can win deluxe art materials and other prizes for exercising your creativity.

This sounds really cool: The Pulse Blogfest, coming in March, will have tons of YA authors from Simon & Schuster answering reader questions.

Here’s a great post from GottaBook about how little people notice the screenwriters–a huge part of movie making!

I missed participating this week, but bloggers should take note of a new event in the blogosphere, Nonfiction Monday.

Wizards Wireless has some great advice for beginning bloggers! Even the more established bloggers among you will probably find something useful–I did! I get emails from people asking about how to get started on blogging & book reviewing all the time, so there’s definitely an audience for this post!