Earthly Pleasures is written for an adult audience, but teens will enjoy it as well. It’s a fun, fresh, and funny book starring Skye Seabring, a greeter in Heaven. Skye’s job is to help the newly dead find their way in heaven, a place that is far from the pearly-gates-and-harps-and-clouds pictures we see sometimes in old paintings. It’s a lot like Earth, really.

One of Skye’s clients is a man named Ryan Blaine, who is only dead for a few minutes before he is pulled back to his earthly body. That should be the end of it–but it’s not. Skye can’t stop thinking about him, or watching him on Earthly Pleasures, a television channel in heaven that lets souls in heaven watch people on earth, anyone from celebrities to friends and relatives. She’s head-over-heels for a man in another dimension!

There are lots of other narratives going on on this story, too, besides Skye in heaven, but they all come together wonderfully by the end of the novel. Earthly Pleasures is an engrossing read, one that I absolutely couldn’t put down! It’s well-written and full of great characters. I loved Karen Neches’s envisioning of heaven and the workings of the universe, too. This novel is smart and enjoyable and highly recommended.