Looks is Madeleine George’s debut novel, and wow, is it impressive. It’s a gorgeously written story about two girls, Aimee and Meghan. Meghan is very, very fat–but also very invisible. No one sees her (with the exception of a pack of boys who enjoy tormenting her). Aimee is very, very, painfully thin. While Meghan eats for comfort, Aimee feels much better when she doesn’t let food even touch her.

Aimee is a gifted poet, and the book itself is somehow poetic. Not only does Aimee see Meghan, but she also writes a poem about her. Unlike everyone else, Aimee looks at rather than through Meghan. Meghan sees Aimee, too, but that’s not surprising; Meghan sees everything and everyone. She’s very, very observant. People spill their secrets in front of her; it’s like she’s not even real. Meghan knows everything there is to know about everyone in her school, and what a cast of characters it is!

Meghan feels some sort of connection with Aimee that she doesn’t feel with other people, despite not even speaking to her. Like maybe, even though they are on the outside so different, she and Aimee are the same on the inside.

Looks is an eloquent, touching, intelligent, and (at times painfully) honest novel that will certainly captivate readers. Aimee and Meghan are certainly real characters, but the beauty of the writing is what really stood out to me while reading this book. Madeleine George is an incredibly talented and brilliant writer; her book is truly breathtaking. It is smart and observant and lyrical and just so many wonderful things I can’t possibly describe it well enough. Looks comes out in June, but I suggest you go ahead and preorder your copy now; you won’t want to miss this.