Laura Langston‘s Exit Point is technically, I think, a novella. Or maybe a short story. It’s a really short book, not a full novel by any means, whatever you want to call it. So, it is a quick read, and a good one!

It’s a story about  a boy who dies with some serious unfinished business. In this book, a person has five ‘exit points,’ or opportunities to die. Logan took the second one–the easy way out. He was only sixteen, and he was supposed to wait until exit point five, sixty-one years later. But, he didn’t.

Logan’s death didn’t stop life on earth. He was supposed to help his little sister, Amy, but her well-being is seriously threatened without him. But can he still make a difference? He’s got to try. He can’t leave Amy on her own. Of course, as a spirit without a real body, who can’t be seen, who can’t do much of anything, can he really save his sister? Or did his taking the easy way out mean he can’t help her anymore?

Exit Point is a fascinating, engaging read that I certainly recommend. For having only 110 pages, it certainly packs a punch.  It is well-written and fresh and funny and touching and wonderful!