“[…]Big Fat Manifesto is the story of Jamie, a senior in high school and a writer. She has great friends and a boyfriend she loves. She’s smart, witty, bold – and fat. Very fat. But she’s not ashamed; in fact, she writes a column in the school paper called “Fat Girl.” She educates people about the realities of being fat – the word she prefers over “platitudes like large or plus-sized – or clinical words like obese.” She’s busting myths and being loud and outspoken and, she thinks, honest – though what personal truths does she really reveal?

Big Fat Manifesto is the story of a fat girl in a society where being so is seen as socially unacceptable. In our culture, to be fat is probably the worst thing you can be. People hate fat. They don’t want to be fat. They don’t want to see fat people. They don’t want fat people to exist. To many of them, fat people aren’t even people. When Jamie and her skinnier friends go into a trendy store to expose their discrimination, that’s far too clear. But is there anything one fat girl can do about it? […]”

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