First of all, I’ll be out of town Wednesday thru Saturday without internet access. I’ll still have some posts going up because WordPress lets me forward-date them, and you’ve got some cool things to look forward to–like an interview with Rachel Cohn! So stay tuned.

There are a few links I’d like to share as well. First of all, you can now check my shared items on Google reader page for blog posts I find interesting. Note: not all of these will be book-related. Some will be travel-related or just random. But still interesting

Second of all, Harmony has started the Resolutions Book Challenge, which I will be joining though I haven’t decided on all the details yet. Go check it out!

There’s a couple of blog contests going on right now. Nicole at WORD for Teens is giving away a signed copy of Frenemies, and  The Story Siren is giving away a copy of City of Ashes.

Chelsea at The Page Flipper is starting a book club! Check it out and join if you’re interested.

That’s all for the moment.