As the title suggests, this is a round-up of links from around the internet. I’m rather behind on my blog reading, so I’m sure I will have more to include as I get caught up, but for the moment, here are some interesting things I thought you all might enjoy:

Anilee at Kinsmen of the Shelf is giving away a signed copy of Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder, which looks like a good book, though I’ve not read it.

There’s a really interesting interview with Mayra Lazara Dole up at Worth The Trip.

If you’re a poet, you can win a gift card and water bottle from Powell’s for your original short poem. Details here.

Emily Barton at Telecommuter Talk has a highly entertaining (and relatable) post about being a book slut.

Author Cherry Cheva has done an interesting guest blog at the YA YA YAs about race.

Relevant to that last link is a great piece about race featuring my fellow Red writers Jordyn (who also blogs about books at Page Numbered) and Zulay at the Huffington Post.

Also, as many of you probably know, the Sweet Valley High series is being re-released. It’s updated to include cell phones and jeeps, which is fine…but also to downsize the already-skinny Wakefield twins, changing them from a “perfect size 6” to a “perfect size 4.” I don’t even have to say anything more for you to know how seriously this pisses me off. Maybe if they’d changed the size, it’d be less of an issue, but “perfect”? How is a size four any more or less perfect than a size six–or a size sixteen? Anyway, there’s a great post about this up at The Reading Zone, and more about the SVH re-release at Shaken & Stirred.

Your Neighborhood Librarian is making fun of those READ posters, Go-Fug-Yourself-style, here. It’s hilarious! Link via bookshelves of doom.

Terri Clark is giving away a copy of Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. To enter, all you have to do is sign up for her newsletter. Details here.

Liv at Liv’s Book Reviews is giving away a signed copy of Meg Cabot’s Jinx.

And that’s all for now! Enjoy.