Suzanne needs some extra cash, so she gets a job at a hair salon every Saturday. It’s nothing exciting, but nothing too difficult, either, and she doesn’t think it’s too much of a price to pay for some pocket money… until she finds out who the junior stylist is.

Karenna Sheldon used to absolutely terrorize Suzanne when they went to school together. For years, Karenna and her friends, two years older than Suzanne, were unbelievably cruel to the younger girl for absolutely no reason. And now, Suzanne is going to be spending her Saturdays with Karenna. Her friends don’t know that it’s a problem; Suzanne never told anyone about the bullying that was going on. So what’s she to do? Quit her job for no apparent reason? Or can she finally stand up for herself?

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Reading British books is fun! Sometimes I do not quite understand all of the slang, but I quite enjoy the British-isms, and if you are an American I strongly suggest you find some British books of your own to read. Everything is more entertaining when it has fun British words! And wonderful British spelling! Etcetera. I also suggest you visit England. It’s a wonderful place, well, the bit of it I’ve seen, at least. Anyway, about the books, I suppose the reverse might hold true for British readers, but I cannot speak from experience there because I am American. That is all.