So, I planned to do guest blogs every Wednesday, but, in my excitement, I announced this and posted the first one before having anyone lined up for the second! So today, sadly, there is no guest blogger. I now have many wonderful authors signed up, and in the next few weeks you will be hearing from fantastic people like Paula Yoo and Lisa Ann Sandell and Tara Altebrando! Also, any authors out there whose books I have read (which you know for this year because of the list, and from previous years because of the reviews) who are interested in a guest blog, email me. But for today, in lieu of a guest blog, I have links to entertaining and interesting blog posts from authors on their own blogs! Enjoy.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes has posted about Starbursts, and whether or not they really have different flavors. I do not eat Starbursts because they have gelatin in them, but this is still an interesting experiment.

Meg Cabot posted on her blog about some of the incredibly strange foreign covers of her books, which have been translated into many languages.

Maureen Johnson tells many hilarious stories, such as these involving cars, breakdancing injuries, and Catholic school.

Here’s the first in Stephanie Kuehnert’s series of five posts about the regulars at a bar where she worked.