How I Found the Perfect Dress is the equally fantastic sequel to Maryrose Wood‘s Why I Let My Hair Grow Out. In this book, Morgan is back to her normal life, an ocean away from the faeries and her newly discovered identity as the half-goddess Morganne in Ireland–and away from Colin, the guy she fell for on her bike tour of the Emerald Isle last summer. They’ve exchanged the occasional email, but she hasn’t heard from him for awhile when, rather out-of-the-blue, she gets a message saying that he’s coming to America, and they’ll see each other very soon!

This is not as perfect and wonderful as it at first sounds. Colin has been forced to dance with the faeries every night in his dreams, and he’s exhausted from the lack of sleep, as well as incredibly confused by the cryptic messages he finds in his pockets in the mornings. Even worse? It’s Morgan’s fault, for stamping him with her half-goddess seal of approval. Every night, the fairies dance the night away with her guy–and she can’t even get him to kiss her!

Now Morgan has to save Colin, find a great dress, make her junior prom as awesome as possible (despite the fact that Colin has to leave before that night), and–this one’s really impossible–find a female leprechaun!

I literally could not stop reading this book. It had me in its clutches from the moment I opened it and started reading the first page! I was thrilled to see the return of one of my favorite heroines, and Maryrose Wood’s talent at writing is always a pleasure to read. Even more exciting: there’s going to be a third book about Morgan! I adore all of these characters, and the magical element of this book. Maryrose Wood’s writing is hilariously entertaining, and I certainly had a good number of laugh-out-loud moments while reading this How I Found The Perfect Dress. This is a seriously fantastic book, and I recommend you all read it right away (or as soon as you’ve read the first book about Morgan, if you’ve not already done so).