So, some interesting links from around the internet….

I can’t remember where I found this one, but credit is due to someone. It’s a hilarious commentary on the Twilight Saga. I did enjoy all of the books, on an admittedly superficial level, but for anyone willing to admit they are flawed (ie almost everyone now that Breaking Dawn is out in the world–by the way, I wish people would stop linking to me as the reviewer who liked this book. I didn’t like it that much. I just had low expectations), this is hilarious.

I’ve read lots and lots of responses to Margo Rabb’s essay about writing YA, but my favorite, and the only one I’m choosing to point out here, is Bennett Madison’s. Plus Bennett Madison is just plain awesome, and you should read his books.

New awesome blog out in the world–Kidliterate! Okay, so it’s not that new, but I just discovered it and it rocks. Plus I am allowed to consider six months old new because, by the way, my two year blogging birthday passed this summer!

Guess what book I really really want and don’t have? Okay, that’s a lot, but I’m thinking of Play Me by Laura Ruby. If you’ve read it, tell me about it and if it’s worth my money.

Also, while I’m coveting books, I want to read the new Artemis Fowl book! Also The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Geez, this is getting to the point where I think an entire post devoted to book coveting is due soon. But here, no more book coveting. On to other things.

Oh my god. I am reading a book where the “fat,” “plus-sized” main character is a size 10-12. This is ridiculous. I have just read the first couple of pages, so hopefully it gets better from here. Anyway, back to links.

I love this interview with Melissa Walker on Beyond Books. Also you all should know how fabulous I think Melissa Walker is, and that you should read her books.

New discussion post at Reviewer X! How Does the Author/Reviewer Matchmaking Process Work?

That’s all for tonight. Enjoy!