I’ve been asked about the stats of this blog, so I’m posting some trends & numbers here for anyone who is interested. I doubt there’s much interest, but, whatever, here you go if you want to know:

Since this blog was started, on WordPress & Blogger combined I have gotten about 145,000 hits. But I used to post all of my posts on myspace & livejournal as well, so I’m sure that number is missing some.

In January 2008, the number of hits per month I get started rising drastically and has now leveled off to 10-12 thousand per month. Although this month I’ve already had over 4,000 so it might be more for August. It was slightly less for July (about 9000) as I hardly posted so people had no reason to come here.

My best day ever was Monday, where I got 1329 hits. Previously the record had been somewhere around 700. Most of these were due to my Breaking Dawn review, which for some reason has become one of my all-time most popular posts.

I have 110 authority on Technorati. I have no idea what this means. If you can interpret this mysterious statistic, please fill me in. Also, how do they come up with Technorati and Alexa ratings? I’m sure I could find this information somewhere, I’m just too lazy.

Most of the search terms people use to find this blog are relative normal, something to do with teen books or a specific book or author or something, unsurprisingly. The most common is “teen book reviews.”  “Breaking dawn reviews” is very common as of this week, so much that it jumped to being one of the most popular search terms ever used to find this blog.

I can’t really generalize about “most days” because that depends on a lot of things. Well, I can say that “most days” I get 200-600 hits, but that’s not particularly helpful.

So hopefully that answers questions if you had them, and you weren’t too bored by it if you didn’t care.