I have some highly fantastic things to share today! First of all, in my non-blogging life, there is excitement in the air. For as I write this, I am sitting at the airport using the free wi-fi as I wait for my flight to Detroit where I will change planes and go to Boston! I’ve never been to Boston before, so this is extremely exciting for me.

And then, the blogging awesomeness! For there’s a good bit of that, too. First of all, the Cybils. A quick overview for those of you not familiar with them: the Cybils are book awards given out by bloggers to children’s, middle grade, and young adult books of all types. The nominations can come from anyone (you can nominate one book per category starting October 1). The nominated books are read by panelists, who then choose a shortlist, and then judges choose the best book off of the shortlist.

Last year, I was a Middle Grade Fiction panelist, and it was great. This year, I have the opportunity to be a panelist for Young Adult Fiction! I’m so excited about this. I love YA fiction, in case you hadn’t noticed. I’m so thrilled to be a part of this, and with such awesome people! The people being:

Organizer: Jackie Parker Interactive Reader

Panelists (Round I judges)

Leila Roy Bookshelves of Doom
Rebecca Laney Becky’s Book Reviews
Amanda Snow A Patchwork of Books
Trisha Murakami The Ya Ya Yas
Kate Fall Author2Author
Jocelyn Pearce Teen Book Review
Abby Johnson Abby (the) Librarian

Judges (Round II)

Jackie Parker Interactive Reader
Sarah Stevenson Finding Wonderland, Readers’ Rants
Allie/Little Willow Bildungsroman
Lili Wilkinson Inside a Dog
Casey Titschinger Avid Teen Reader

Awesome, right? Anyway, for more about the Cybils, check out the website. And start thinking about which fabulous books you want to nominate! Books published between January 1 and October 15 of 2008 are eligible.

Semi off-topic and speaking of YA fiction–I’ve been mentioning my book reviewing and my blog in some of my college and scholarship applications. I wonder what colleges think of it. It’s certainly different. At first, I was a bit nervous that they’d think I should be reading more classics, more literary fiction, or that they’d think YA is all fluff and Gossip Girl. But you know what? This is important to me, and if they think that one of the major parts of my life is fluff and Gossip Girl, I don’t want to go to their college, anyway. Although I do have to work on making my college essays less conversational and blog-like.

And now, for the final bit of total awesomeness (for now): Trisha of the YA YA YAs, one of my favorite blogs (and also a fellow Cybils YA panelist), has honored this blog with an awesome award of blog love. The rules:

1) Add the logo of the award to your blog

2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you

3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs

4) Add links to those blogs on your blog

5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!

And now, the blogs….This is a seriously difficult choice. But I made a choice, and hopefully these are all new people who haven’t won the award before. Also…It doesn’t say anything about strictly book blogs, does it? I hope I didn’t miss something even though I think I’ve seen this only on book blogs, because I nominated awesome non-book blogs.

Miss Erin is a fantastic blogger who is good at pretty much everything bloggish. Including interviews, reviews, deep thoughts, all sorts of things!

Life, Words, and Rock’n’Roll is Stephanie Kuehnert’s blog. Stephanie wrote one of my favorite books, is a really cool person, and has a marvelous blog.

Kidliterate is a fairly new and totally awesome blog. I love the reviews.

Bildungsroman is amazing. Little Willow is amazing. She has a screen name from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is involved with Readergirlz, works in a bookstore (dream job!), reads more books than I’d have believed possible, writes reviews, interviews authors, builds websites, creates themed book lists….Does she sleep?

Girl Jordyn is the blog of one of my fellow Red writers and good friends. She has such talent with words!

Melissa Walker’s blog has interesting posts on books, fashion, writing, and lots of other great stuff. And cool giveaways! Also, Melissa is just a totally awesome person who writes wonderful books.

The Story Siren really has it all. Giveaways, link round-ups, books to pine for, reviews, author interviews…Add her to your blog reader immediately!

If you’re not on here, it’s not because I don’t love you, it’s because this post is already incredibly long. And also, I don’t have time for step number five, leaving a message for my nominees on their blogs, because my laptop battery is running out, but I’ll do that later. For now, I’m signing off.