I’ve got some new super-awesomeness to share! I’ve been nominated again for the “I <3 Your Blog” award. I already followed the rules and passed it on, but I just wanted to thank Harmony and Book Chic for nominating me. They both have awesome blogs, and I’m honored that they nominated me. Thanks, guys! I love your blogs, too.

I also wanted to mention that Cybils nominations are now open. Go and nominate your favorite books of the year! Think before you nominate, though. Apparently following simple rules is hard for some people, but I’m sure my blog readers have got to be more intelligent than most. You can only nominate one book. It must have be a 2008 book (check on Amazon if you’re not sure), published before October 15 (News flash: This means that The Hardy Boys is not eligible). Also, be sure that you are nominating a book in the right category. I’ve been keeping track of the YA Fiction nominations, because I’m on the panel, and some people just do not get it. They’ve been nominating science fiction, fantasy, and graphic novels, to name a few.  These things have their own categories! Don’t be stupid and make more work for the awesome people running all this and having to sort out the nominations. 

Melissa Walker, who is just all-around fantastic (and who I got the chance to hang out with recently when she was in town!), made a widget to count down to the release of Red in paperback! Which you should totally buy, and I’m not just saying that because I’m one of the authors. Even if I wasn’t, I would love this book. Seriously. And while you’re buying books, go ahead and splurge on Melissa’s Violet books, too!

That’s it for now, but reviews are coming soon, of such great books as Graceling, Melting Stones, The Hunger Games, and everything else that I’ve read but haven’t had time to review. Stay tuned!