Remember Red? The fantastic book of essays by teenage girls across the country (including myself), edited by the fabulous Amy Goldwasser?

As of today, it’s available in paperback! Get it here. Get it for yourself. Get it for a friend or relative–the holidays are coming up, and surely you need a gift for a reader in your life.

Or, get it for someone else you’ve never met, as part of the Red book drive. Details here.

Also, I just noticed–the title is different on the paperback. On the hardcover book, it’s called “Red: The Next Generation of American Writers–Teenage Girls–On What Fires Up Their Lives Today.” Which I always thought was a bit lengthy. Now, it’s “Red: Teenage Girls in America Write on What Fires Up Their Lives Today.” Not much better, is it? Though I suppose a one-word color title does need some explanation. When I first submitted to the project, it was called Bloody Red Heart. Which, I like better, but I also realize that was probably too vague. Let’s just stick with calling it Red on this blog, seeing as we know what it is, okay?