If you want to know where I’ve been for the past few weeks, check out this post.

And now, for a reading update. I will probably review these titles fully soon, but I just wanted to mention some of the Cybils books I’ve read recently and share a few thoughts. All of these books are worth reading, if you need something to add to your holiday wishlist!

imageAmor and Summer Secrets was a light, fun read. I read it awhile ago (I guess it really doesn’t fall under the category of recent), and had loads of fun while doing so. I haven’t felt particularly compelled to pick up the next book in the series, though. It was an appropriate summer read, but not too memorable.

image The Death of Jayson Porter started out less than great for me–while Jayson certainly has reason to feel sorry for himself, characters who just whine about how much they hate life are not particularly interesting to me. It got to be a really intense read, though, and I ended up really liking it as we got to know Jayson better.

imageI quite enjoyed Everything You Want. It’s about a girl figuring out who she is and her place in the world after her family wins the lottery. It’s funny and real (despite the lottery winnings), and I loved the characters. I really liked Barbara Shoup’s writing style, too.

image Fact of Life #31 is not a particularly recent read, either, but I haven’t reviewed it yet. I loved Kat, and this was definitely an engaging story, certainly worth reading, but it didn’t quite wow me.


image Despite being fed up with How Not To Be Popular and its annoying main character after about 50 pages, I kept reading and was glad that I did. Maggie develops into a much more likeable character, and the story really started to grab me. I ended up loving the colorful cast of characters here, but it was certainly slow to get into.

image I loved Christine Fletcher’s first book, so it was no surprise to me that I completely fell in love with Ten Cents A Dance. I loved the premise, the setting, the characters, the writing–everything. It’s a wonderful historical fiction in a year that seems a little light on historical fiction.