image When I first read Twilight, I loved it. I was also fourteen. Since then, I’ve found the whole series to be progressively more ridiculous, but I LOVE them. Hilarious. Edward is such a creep. The only main characters who are not stupid and/or creepy are Alice and Jacob, both of whom totally rock. Except they would rock more if they both didn’t think empty-headed Bella was so great.

Anyway, the fact that my love of the books comes with a certain amount of humor means I wasn’t totally hung up on this movie and how close to the book it was (the differences between the Harry Potter books and movies make me cringe), but I found it to be a surprisingly good adaptation. It stuck quite close to the book, even taking out some direct quotes, and even when the characters weren’t exactly how I imagined them, they weren’t complete opposites, either–they did okay (except Esme. Totally not right).

The movie itself was well made. I enjoyed it, although my friend sitting next to me did not enjoy my muffled laughter (she thinks Edward is dreamy; I think he’s creepy). I loved it, though not without some amount of sarcasm. Totally recommended.