It’s been awhile since I pointed out what’s been interesting me on the internet lately, so, if you’re interesed, here’s some stuff I highly recommend you check out:

I Heart Daily, author Melissa Walker‘s new project, is lots and lots of fun. Basically, Melissa and Annie tell us all about things that are awesome, and only things that are awesome. There’s music recommendations and beauty tips and fashion–lots of cool stuff. Plus, a daily newsletter you can sign up for, where info about something great will show up in your inbox every day! 

I loved the Animorphs series a few years ago, and I still get very upset when I think about the last book, and I am still very emotionally attached to the characters (and I know that if I said this anywhere but on a book blog, everyone would think I was crazy–that’s why I love you guys!). I found (via Purple Polka via A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy) this letter from K.A. Applegate explaining why the series ended like it did. As upsetting as I still find the last book, K.A. Applegate is awesome and I agree 100% with her reasoning. Check it out if you are/were an Animorphs fan (or even if you’re not, the thought is still a good one). 

Are you a writer with awesome skills? Are you less skilled/annoyed by having to be a salesperson as well as a writer? Do you have a finished book you’d like to submit to an agent without writing a query? Than Firebrand Literary’s Query Holiday is for you! 

Here’s weird news of the bookish sort, from Dear Author: a woman held a funeral for her failed writing career.

Jennifer Echols has a highly entertaining blog post about taking an author photo. Check it out here.

That’s it for the moment. Enjoy!