I am officially recruiting for guest blogs. If you’re an author or reviewer or anyone bookish (not just a reader, sorry), and you’d like to write a post for me on any topic pertaining to books or writing (specific books or in general–and if your topic isn’t bookish, talk to me anyway, it might still be awesome), send me an email with your idea! For authors–if I haven’t read your book, or if I don’t have it in one of my to-read stacks, see if you can get your publisher to send me a review copy. I’d prefer to be able to make some educated comments about the books of my guest blogging authors at some point (even if it’s after the guest blog), because this isn’t just a venue for bookish self-promotion. Also, it’d be great if you have a copy of one of your books or something to do a giveaway (but it’s not required). Thanks so much to any volunteers!