Since I am too lazy to come up with original content, and busy in holiday hell (Kmart, my place of employment, where I will have to go to work at 6AM tomorrow, Christmas Eve), some more links to entertain yourselves with:

Meg Cabot is hosting a contest! Make a book trailer, win great prizes! Details here (scroll down).

Guess how many books Harmony can read by the end of the year, and you could win…well, I’m not sure what you would win. But I always used to love those jellybean estimating games so this is great fun.

Also check out The Story Siren’s top books of 2008! We have one overlap (The Comeback Season), and she also listed some books that I enjoyed but weren’t in my top 15. And she gave me some ideas to add to my reading list!

And that’s it for now. Since I’m not sure if I’ll be posting before then, have a great Christmas, to those who celebrate it! And, well, great holiday of your choice or great winter or great Thursday or whatever to those who don’t.