When I speak of generosity here, I mean charitable giving. I am all for charitable giving, and of course I am all for books. These are a few things I’ve come across recently that connect the two.

In honor of Meg Cabot’s upcoming book Forever Princess (which is totally on my wishlist, by the way), there will be a tiara auction to benefit teen programs the New York Public Library! Tiaras have been decorated by celebrities, authors, and designers like Lauren Conrad, Sarah Dessen, Julie Andrews, Vera Wang, R.L. Stine, and Meg Cabot herself (and many more), and you could have this wonderfully creative headgear for your very own. The auction is happening here, from January 1-31.

Speaking of great auctions, you may have heard of Leave a Mark auctions, in which books marked up by their authors are auctioned off to benefit First Book, which provides books to children in need. There will be about five more books, through January, before this is over (which means I’m super late posting about it, but there’s still time to check it out!). This auction is more on the budget-friendly side than the tiara auction; bids start at $5 rather than $150. 

I also wanted to metion the Inside Books Project, which provides books to prisoners in Texas. Also read Liviana’s post with some quotes from someone working at the project. 

Also from Liviania, Book Wish is asking you to donate $1 for every book you received for the holidays. Donations to to build libraries and provide textbooks in refugee camps in Chad. 

These are all worthy causes and bookish causes. Whatever your cause, I ask you to please use some of that holiday money to further a cause that is not your wardrobe makeover or a new iPod.