I’ve joined the Amazon Associates referral program. This means that if you click one of my links and then buy something (anything–once you’ve clicked through from my site, the referral is valid on anything you buy in the next 24 hours) on Amazon, I get a referral fee. I’d love you all forever if you did this; I’m a poor student and my work in hell (Kmart) does not support my book habit! Please? I’ll be using these links in my reviews from now on (you can always click the title of the book and go to the book’s Amazon page), and I’ve also put a couple of links to lists of books in the sidebar. One list is recently recommended reads, and the other is a selection of books on my wishlist. I hope you’ll use these links next time you’re doing some shopping on Amazon! Also check out some general teen books by following this link: Teen Books On Amazon.