I decided to watch my poll (about whether or not I should rate books on some sort of scale) until I got thirteen votes, and then decide if it was conclusive from there. Twelve of my thirteen voters voted in favor of ratings, so I guess I’m rating books. My scale will be out of six windows. Why? Because books are the windows into worlds not our own! Also, see my header. 

image One Window: Would not recommend it. At least it is…in English? I could tell it was supposed to be a novel? I don’t know.

image image Two Windows: Pick it up from the library…if you must. I wouldn’t recommend doing so unless you have an intense interest in the topic at hand or something.

image image image Three Windows: It was okay. I won’t remember it next month and I won’t go around gushing about it, but reading it isn’t a total waste of your mind. This is a library book, though, not a purchase.

image image image image Four Windows: I liked it. Pretty good. It might be worth purchasing if it’s your kind of book, or if you read a library copy first and like it.

image image image image image Five Windows: I really, really liked it. This was a really good book. I was impressed. I will be recommending it to people! Buy this one!

image image image image image image Six Windows: I absolutely loved it! Cannot stop gushing! A truly amazing book! (This one will be used very, very rarely, and only for the most memorable and most awesome books that I have ever read). Buy this one right away!

image Also, a heart for personal resonance–regardless of how I rated it. A book can be technically “pretty good” but have some sort of personal resonance for me, and that will be indicated by a heart. Like the sloppily drawn one at the left.

Any comments or suggestions or whatnot?

Edited to clarify: For the most part, act like this is a five-star rating. One is awful, two is not so good, three is okay, four is really excellent, and five is even better. Just with a sixth level added on for the truly mind-blowingly awesome. I don’t even know if I’ll get the chance to use six windows! Also, you know, the heart for personal appeal.