Vamped by Lucienne Diver

05.01.2009 from Flux

Hey, all, it’s me… Gina Covella, fashionista of the damned.  Yeah, I know, I managed to get almost all the way through high school without cracking a book  and now here I am immortalized in one.  Well, actually, the immortalization process might have started a bit earlier, like in the broom closet at the after-prom-party, somewhere around the time Bobby-freakin’-Delvecchio started gnawing on my neck.  Anyway, this is one book I’d maybe even phone a friend about, since it covers all my adventures going from chic to eek. Because, let me tell you, eternity without a mirror or tanning options—totally uncool. And they don’t tell you in, like, Vampirism 101 about crazy conspiracies, psycho-psychics and other hazards of unlife. But I will, so stay tuned.

*Summary from author website.

Looks awesome, doesn’t it? Vampires! The author also describes it as Buffy meets Clueless, which sounds like lots of fun to me.